Unlimited Monthly Wash Club is just that – UNLIMITED CAR WASHES! When you become a member of the Unlimited Wash Club, you can wash your vehicle every day of the month for just one low price, it’s that simple. There are no long term contracts, no cancellation fees, and only takes 1 minute to sign up. Our Unlimited Monthly Wash Club is available now!

*If you are looking to cancel your membership, please email us at cancel@bnbcarwash.com

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Q & A

There has to be a catch, how can I pay one price per month and wash everyday?

There is no catch. Period. You pay one flat rate on a monthly basis and you can come safely wash your vehicle at our car wash establishments as often as you like.

By joining the Unlimited Monthly Wash Club, isn't it the same as purchasing a cell phone or gym membership where I'm locked in for two or more years?

No, There are No Long Term Contracts. The Unlimited Monthly Wash Club is a month to month basis membership club, so YOU decide whether you want to be a Wash Club member for one month, ten months, ten years, forever, whatever. It’s YOUR call!

When I'm ready to cancel my Unlimited Monthly Wash Club membership, are there any hidden fees or loopholes to get out?

No, There are absolutely no fees or restrictions attached to your membership. When your ready to cancel your membership, for any reason, simply give us a 5 day notice from your monthly renewal date and your vehicle is withdrawn from the Unlimited Wash Club. It can’t get any easier then that.

How do I join? Does it take long? Is there a ton of paperwork?

The process is very easy. You can start by either visiting our car wash locations and the wash attendant will go over the monthly packages we have to offer with you personally or you can view them personally here on our website right now to get a head start. After you select the Unlimited Wash Club package you want for your vehicle, notify the wash attendant which package you pre-selected and then pay the one low monthly price per month. We then put a small 2 inch bar-code on the windshield of your vehicle and your all set, start washing everyday! The entire process takes just one minute to complete and you just have to sign one single receipt of payment upon completion.

How do you track my account? How do I know I'm getting the wash package I pay for every time?

After you join the Unlimited Wash Club, a small two inch bar-code is assigned to your vehicle. When visiting our car wash locations, you simply pull your vehicle into the wash and the attendant will scan the bar-code, which will then tell the employees at that location which Unlimited Monthly Wash package your membership is assigned to. Since you’re a Wash Club member, no additional payment is necessary so away you go!

How can I wash everyday? Aren't you closed alot of days?

Unlike some car washes, the only day of the year we officially close is Christmas Day. We are open every other day of the year starting at 8am each day. We have holiday hours of 8am-1230pm, and all our business hours are of course weather permitting.

I only wash once a week, it doesn't pay for me to join right?

WRONG! Even if you wash just once a week, you can still save up to 50% per year on car washing with our Unlimited Monthly Wash Club. Our packages are priced so low that you just have to wash 3 times per month to start saving money. Also, since you would be a member, you would wash your vehicle more times per month because it wouldn’t be costing you any additional money. How great is that?

I have more questions, how can I contact someone for more information?

The best way for us to explain any other questions you might have would be in person at one of our car wash locations. A manager is always on call and can personally address all of your concerns. You can also reach out to us through our website, located on the “Contact Info” page, as a written request is generally answered within 24 hours.

I never heard anything like this, how did you start the Unlimited Monthly Wash Club?

Major Car Wash has been a professional car wash operator in central New Jersey for over 30 years. We are consistently upgrading our car wash equipment & computer technology to enhance the safety of washing your vehicles on a daily basis. We are one of the first car washes in the industry to implement the Unlimited Monthly Wash Club, as it’s all part of our strategic business plan to offer our customers a premium service for the best possible price. We appreciate all of our customers loyalty to Major Car Wash & look forward to serving you for many years to come!